New Jersey Birth Photographer

Welcome to the world, Bea!

The mystery and power of birth is never lost on me. It’s not simply an event or a date in a families history. It is the moment when a soul that nine months earlier didn’t exists, enters the world and transforms a small corner of it. Of all the moments my clients let me into, this is perhaps the most honoring.

Little Bea was due to enter the world in mid January but didn’t enter until the near end of the month, a day before I was heading to Texas for photography workshop. I’m so thankful that she arrived when she did and that I was able to capture to story of her birth. ┬áNichole, her mama, was incredibly strong and controlled throughout her labor and beautifully supported by everyone in the home, including big brother, Hawkins. Bea may not be able to fully understand it yet but she is incredibly lucky to be the daughter of two amazing parents and born into a home filled with so much love. Here are a few moments from the morning of her arrival.


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