Bucks County Birth Photographer: Welcome to the world, Primrose

Bucks County Birth Photographer

Welcome to the world, Primrose!

A week before her birth, I spent and evening with this beautiful family, waiting for the arrival of Primrose. That evening everyone thought she’d make her appearance but we were all wrong. A week later I received a text from her dad, Brian, at 8:12 pm, to notify me that Logan’s (her gorgeous mama) labor might be starting. At 8:15 pm Brian confirmed that Logan was in active labor and I should head to there home. Around 8:50 pm, Primrose was born. She came so quickly that not even the midwife made it to the birth and Logan was assisted in the delivery by Brian.  When I arrived, they were sitting in awe of their beautiful new daughter and her fast, incredible entrance into this world.  I’m so grateful to capture this beautiful family and beautiful story. Welcome to the world, Primrose!

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