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There are a lot of things that we can spend our money on. From cars to electronics to clothing, most of our consumables begin decreasing in value the moment we take them home, having little or no value in 5 to 10 years.

But photography is different. The longer you own it, the more valuable it becomes.

When you are a newlywed and you hold your wedding album for the first time, it has value. But I promise, in five years when are showing your preschooler the day your family started, it’s more valuable. Fast forward 30 or 40 years when your grandchild is holding that album, amazed that you and your spouse were once so young and beautiful, and it’s even more valuable.

Or think of your images from those first few blurry, sleep deprived weeks when you brought home your first baby. They have value when you celebrate your child’s first birthday and  are amazed at how much your baby grew and developed in his or her first year. But imagine looking through those images when that same baby is graduating high school and wondering where the years went,  you can’t believe they were ever so small. Those images have become more valuable.

This is why when you are choosing a photographer to capture a part of your life, from a wedding day to snapshot of your everyday, quality matters. The investment you are making isn’t just for today; it’s for the years ahead. The investment you are making isn’t just for you; it’s for the family you are starting and the family you will have in the future.

My clients invest in photography because they have realized this is true. They are interested in photos they can look back with love for years to come.

If you are interested in investing in my photography services, wedding coverage begins at $3495, portrait sessions begin at $450, and documentary sessions begin at $500. Please contact me at for more information.