Bucks County Documentary Newborn and Family Photographer: Welcome Home Levi!

I am so excited to share this documentary newborn session today.  My beautiful friend, Sarah, and her husband, Kevin, recently welcomed their adorable son, Levi, into their family.  They graciously let me hang out with them for a few hours and capture this tiring but beautiful season of life.

As a photographer, I love telling stories and capturing moments.  As a mother of two small children, I love taking “real life” photos of my husband and kids.  For these reasons, I am so excited to start offering documentary sessions to my clients.

Documentary sessions are different to traditional portrait sessions as the goal isn’t to produce a set of pretty portraits (although I still love taking portraits and will always take a few at the beginning of the session).  The goal is to tell the everyday story of your family, so that in 20 years time, you can look back and remember the beauty and chaos of it all.

Because I am living this stage of life, I feel very connected to it.  I understand that under the surface of the business of raising small kids, a deep, deep, love is being forged.

When I look at these photos, I see so much love.  I see love as Sarah takes two bites of the dinner she just cooked and gets up to calm Lilly and Levi as they wake up from their naps.  I see love as Kevin patiently waits while Lilliana empties out her sock bin in search of the perfect pair to put on before bedtime and holds Levi while he sleeps. I see the love Sarah and Kevin have for one another as they tackle parenthood side by side.

Thank you Sarah and Kevin, for allowing me to capture the love of your precious family.

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